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      27. TEAM
      28. The Skillseed Team
      29. Board of Advisors
      30. Volunteers and Interns
      31. Programs
      32. Training and Equipping
      33. Local Learning Journeys
      34. Local Walkshops
      35. Experiential Learning Programs
      36. How We Measure Impact
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      44. Finance & People Executive

        Perhaps this resonates? It’s the thousandth time you approach that colleague with the blue top and brown chequered tie to inform him of his misalignment with a certain finance policy. He stands up and barks at the audacity of your kind reminder, saliva spitting all over his cubicle. 

        It’s also the thousandth time you’re staring at the post-it in front of you, a reminder that your director would like to vet every email, only to never dispose of that post-it because… bureaucracy

        You drag your aching body to the medley of chaos every morning, helping to put out different admin fires (started by others)  at every hour, and calming the belly of the beast, only to trudge home with the nagging thought of whether anyone has appreciated your contribution (because honestly, it’s been huge). As you finally settle in bed, you wonder how the next day is going to be any different. Sun rises. Rinse and repeat. 

        Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this for the next five years. 

        Skillseed is growing and we invite you to join us.


        Bid goodbye to stuffy office environments! Work at your favourite roasters, by the beach, at Ya Kun, or anywhere you like every Thursday! In fact, our remote working Thursdays are mandatory. We like to think of it as some form of national service, in reducing train congestion. (Also, you will only have to think of what to wear to work four times a week!) 

        Come in an hour earlier or later, according to your needs. Daily, because of our flexi-work schemes that everyone is entitled to- that means arriving to work anytime from 8am-10am. We can’t guarantee seats on the train, however.  

        Appear at the office in your weekday best- if it’s a casual pair of shorts and a t-shirt, we don’t mind at all! We won’t bat an eyelid even if you show up in the same outfit all the time (unless we begin to smell...smells).

        Location location location! We’re a five mins walk from Farrer Park MRT, Jalan Besar MRT and Lavender MRT. Need to unwind after work? Heading to town to do so would be an easy peasy, lemon squeezy affair! Or maybe you would like to heave an end-of-work sigh of relief in one of the plethora of famous and cheap eats (less than $5 per meal) and trendy cafes (if you’re into lattes) around us. Daily lunch choices are a breeze.

        Work closely with a small team of cheerful and dynamic folks who enjoy everything from dad jokes (you have the choice to opt out of this) to the deeper side of life. Introverted or extroverted, reserved or gregarious, spontaneous or organised, our team is made up of people from different backgrounds who are bonded by respect for our diversity and a passion about a wide range of social and environmental causes. 


        Our team is our best asset, and being part of us means being purposefully invested in. You will have ample opportunities for growth, even if it means being sponsored for external training classes that add value to your job scope. Manifest that growth into innovative ideas by harnessing your growing HR prowess and eradicating any HR related kryptonites. That means, you have the autonomy and space to refine a growing social enterprise’s HR related policies and culture, so as to foster greater employee welfare and happiness. 

        As a champion of the Finance and People matters at Skillseed, your contribution will create greater space for our team to focus on all the various community projects that we take on. Your superpower ability to cover all the nooks and crannies of a social enterprise will play a very important part in our ability to impact others. 

        Basically, it won’t be just a job. If you’ve always wanted to support a good cause, this will be a great opportunity to fulfill that desire!


        Consider a role with us if:

      45. You’ve been through the arduous journey of an Accounting (or related) Diploma or degree and you’ve gone on to realise that in the field minimally for one to two years. 

      46. You’ve had relevant HR experience with payroll, invoicing and administration background. 

      47. You’re a digital native who has had experience with one or more of the following: Xero, Infotech, Expensify, Autoentry, Transferwise or equivalent. You stand a much higher chance if you have had experience in the specific systems above.

      48. You hold up-to-date knowledge of local labour regulations, payroll principles and best practices.

      49. You are a team player with good communication skills.

      50. You are able to work independently and remotely.

      51. You are very meticulous with zero tolerance for errors.

      52. You are self-motivated and have a strong sense of responsibility and integrity (confidentiality is of utmost importance).

      53. You are proactive and efficient.

      54. You are interested in working with a social enterprise and indirectly supporting a good cause. 

      55. Portfolio

        In this key role that you’ll play, both technical expertise and the relational touch will be equally important. You will steer the following: 

        1. Finance

                  Basic processing of company finances using Xero

      56. Creating and processing invoices for Management to approve; following up on invoices and payments.

      57. Maintaining and improving proper filing system of hardcopy source records. 

      58. Reviewing and processing monthly staff reimbursements (submitted digitally).

      59. Preparing cheques for Directors to sign.

      60. Maintaining and updating fixed assets record.

      61. Maintaining and updating loose foreign currency petty cash when necessary.

      62. Coordinating with external accountant when necessary.

      63. Maintaining proper documentation and stamping of source records.

      64. Assisting Director with audit queries where necessary.

      65.        2. HR and Basic Payroll

                  Overseeing and managing our HR system 

      66. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date employee information in the HR Management System.

      67. Assisting with any HR issues that staff may have with respect to leave and payroll. 

      68. Assisting Management with checking, approving and issuing time-off and off-in-lieu to eligible employees based on Skillseed’s policies. 

      69. Carrying out year-end processes for leave.

      70. Processing monthly Payroll and generating the necessary CPF files and Bank files for Management to execute.

      71. Generating and ensuring that the monthly Payroll General Ledger is accurate.

      72. Maintaining proper documentation and filing system for HR records (e.g. contracts, increment letters, resignation letters etc.). 

      73. Creating and/or refining HR-related documents, e.g. Performance Improvement Plans upon request by Management. 

      74. Assisting Management in submissions/applications for government related grants/schemes related to HR. 

      75. Managing the on-boarding and off-boarding processes of new staff and staff who have ceased their services, including but not limited to arranging interview time slots, reference checks, preparation of letters of appointment, monitoring of probationary period, issuing and monitoring the return of company equipment etc. 

      76. Assisting Management in recruitment administration (e.g. posting job adverts).

      77. Handling diverse claim transactions e.g. childcare leave, NS make-up pay etc.

      78. Advising on any HR-related issues and keeping Skillseed up to date with all MOM related Acts and News.

      79.    3. Office Admin

      80. Overseeing and managing office-upkeep and procurement matters - including purchasing of items as required by the team, arranging for office cleaning etc.

      81. All other administrative support matters.

      82. Package

        We’re offering $1,800 to $2,200 per month (before CPF deduction) for a four day work-week, on a one-year contract with the potential to convert to a permanent position after one year.  

        *Candidates with more work experience, certifications and familiarity with more of our current digital systems will be remunerated accordingly.


        Confident that you’re ready for the role? 

        Please submit your applications via email to faith@skillseed.sg by 13 April 2020. Kindly include a 1-2 page CV/resume and at least one reference letter/referee contact details from an immediate supervisor or close working colleague to attest to your character and quality of work. Please state all relevant Finance/ HR systems that you are familiar with in your CV/Resume. 

        Due to the volume of applications we typically receive, we apologize in advance if we can only respond to shortlisted candidates. Shortlisted candidates can expect a face-to-face interview to be arranged. 

        Expected Start Date

        1 May 2020

        3rd photo and 4th from Skillseed.

        All other photos from Unsplash.