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      25. TEAM
      26. The Skillseed Team
      27. Board of Advisors
      28. Volunteers and Interns
      29. Training and Equipping
      30. Local Learning Journeys
      31. Local Walkshops
      32. Experiential Learning Programs
      33. MEDIA
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      40. aligning the head, hand, & heart with the needs of the world

        Our youth will grow up in a VUCA world where the possibility of disruption in every industry is the only constant. In an age of exponential technological advancement, your students need an education that prepares them to be more than workplace-ready; they need an education that makes them world-ready.

        Skillseed courses equip youth (and the young-at-heart) with the complex competencies to thrive in the future, and craft each of our courses around these outcomes, which are aligned with Ministry of Education mandates, and backed up by studies from Google and experts from the Harvard Business Review. These include broad learning skills, being comfortable with uncertainty and diverse views, critical-thinking, entrepreneurial dare, empathy, and resilience - cultivated through experiential learning. 

        our metrics of success:

        Siem Reap-2949.jpg
      41. Self-Awareness

      42. Confidence

      43. Propensity for experimentation

      44. Willingness to accept diverse views

      45. personal development



      46. Exposure to and appreciation of different cultures

      47. Cross-cultural communication

      48. Relationship-building with peers of different social and cultural backgrounds

      49. cultural competence



      50. Sense of engagement with host community

      51. Perceived value of community involvement

      52. Perceived ability to effect change in participant's home communities

      53. community engagement


      54. Socio-economic and political awareness in host and home country

      55. Complexity of perspectives about the host country

      56. global outlook


      57. Perspectives on volunteering

      58. Perceived confidence in quality of volunteer work

      59. Personal sense of social responsibility

      60. volunteerism


        featured case study:

        marketing for mamas, siem reap (cambodia)

        These numbers are scored / 100, using the formula [% of students who strongly agree with the statements in each category *100]

        All Skillseed courses since 2013 have averaged > 75% in each learning dimension.

        “When women have access to money, they are much more likely to invest it in their families’ health and wellbeing – creating a virtuous circle that multiplies through the generations. When women have control over household finances, they are likely to save more, their children are likely to be better nourished, they are more likely to invest more in their children’s education. Improvements in women’s status and education accounted for half of the reduction in the number of underweight children between 1970 and 1995.”[1]

        Marketing for Mamas combines the skills and passions of talented and motivated marketing students, to apply their gifts of the head, hand, and heart to addressing the persistent problem of poverty. By working closely with our Cambodian community partners to build their marketing capacity, the students contribute to enhancing sustainable livelihood opportunities for economically vulnerable rural women, creating brighter futures not only for the individuals in question, but also for their children and the generations to come.

        [1] “Angels of Impact Mission Statement.” A.I. Angels of Impact, www.angelsofimpact.com/.

        The Skillseed Challenge

        A team-based, real-world social impact challenge co-created between Skillseed and our community partner that adapts the Lean Start-Up methodology.

        The over-arching challenge aims to help the social enterprise arm of our partner NGO market a range of responsibly-made products, suited for the corporate markets in Siem Reap and markets overseas. Participants will work in teams to strategize a plan for the social enterprise to be able to produce an attractive range of products that will capture these markets and build more livelihood opportunities for economically vulnerable women.



        global outlook    

        - - - 83.0     

        " It was an enriching experience; we could not learn these concepts just by reading a textbook, but only by applying them in real life"


        community engagement

        - - - 87.5

        " One of the highlights of my trip was getting to know the Mamas, whose lives and livelihoods would be impacted by the success or failure of our efforts, and even befriending some of them " 


           personal development

            85.6 - - -

        " I achieved my objective of being able to see new perspectives, things in a different light, and being open and accepting to different cultures"


           cultural competence

            89.1 - - -

        " I wanted to learn more about Cambodia and I learned a lot during this trip, be it from listening to others or through hands-on activities"



            - - - 86.2

        " When I look at the marketing plan we had designed, I am proud to say that I was a part of this and I hope that the results bear fruit for the Mamas we’ve come to know and love in time to come "

        Selected FEEDBACK

      61. “I really enjoyed myself thoroughly while learning many new skills. Furthermore I've become more grateful for what I have.” – Suhendira Varmah

      62. “I feel that the best part of the course is coming together as a team to work on the marketing project that would benefit the future generation of Cambodians and being able to make a difference in (their) lives.” – Cheryl Lai

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