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      25. TEAM
      26. The Skillseed Team
      27. Board of Advisors
      28. Volunteers and Interns
      29. Training and Equipping
      30. Local Walkshops
      31. Experiential Learning Programs
      32. How We Measure Impact
      33. MEDIA
      34. Press
      35. Testimonials
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        Go deep into the inner workings of the Singapore 'miracle' – gain access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise and inspiration, equip yourself with the tools for your journey, and prototype solutions that make an impact. Whether you're

        seeking to address a need in your community,

        an area of potential in your organisation,

        a concrete way to make your vision a reality,

        empower your students or team as global citizens, ready to take on the most pressing challenges in their own community,

        we have a learning journey for you.

        London CxA 2017 -8487.jpg

        Challenge what you know about the world around you - through hands-on workshops, community trails, and meetings with local changemakers, build perspectives and learn to identify the issues beneath the surface. Build up your own toolkit of knowledge, frameworks, inspiration and tools that will enable you to design, implement, and evaluate innovative solutions to social challenges!

        I have always wanted to be a social scientist, so this course really corresponds with my interests. I understood more about the hidden problems of Singaporean communities that other tourists or even local people might have ignored. The workshops gave me a better understanding about issues, and I comprehend the importance of solving them through my personal experience.

        Sample case studies

        WhatsApp Image 2019-02-01 at 6.11.07 PM.jpeg

        1) Rethinking service, 2019

        Students from Evergreen Secondary School’s Interact Club embarked on two learning journeys to explore and gain a better understanding on the topics of integration and inequality in Singapore, in order to be better equipped to run their very own community projects. Before embarking on the learning journeys, students spent one afternoon learning about their own assets and understanding the social identities of their peers in school, to better inform and contextualise their learnings during their journeys.

        2) SMU Pathfinders Programme, 2018 & 2019

        In 2018, undergraduate students from the SMU Pathfinders Programme embarked on a Community Trail learning journey in order to gain exposure to some of the most pressing issues faced by communities on the ground in the Bras Basah / Jalan Besar area. They interacted with organisations like Action for AIDS, HealthServe, and ZeroWasteSG, and learned about the complexities, challenges, and successes faced by these community experts.

        Throughout 2018 and 2019, the students also took part in a series of equipping workshops to develop their fluency in fundamental community development skills like Design Thinking for Social Impact, Asset-based Community Development, and Logic Model. Insights gained from these workshops fed into the students’ process of refining their own ongoing community service projects.


        Special subsidised rates are available for non-governmental organisations, voluntary welfare organisations and students in local schools.

        want to know more? let's connect.