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      27. TEAM
      28. The Skillseed Team
      29. Board of Advisors
      30. Volunteers and Interns
      31. Programs
      32. Training and Equipping
      33. Local Learning Journeys
      34. Local Walkshops
      35. Experiential Learning Programs
      36. How We Measure Impact
      37. MEDIA
      38. Press
      39. Testimonials
      40. Journal
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      44. Senior Trainer & Project Manager

        Perhaps this resonates? It’s almost 9pm and you are working on a soulless excel sheet and powerpoint deck that you don’t know why you are killing yourself for. Hunger pangs arise but the only food options around are overpriced restaurant fare. You drag your aching body to the lift lobby, dying to get out of your office wear and stiff shoes that hurt. You bid a tired farewell to Monty, the Swiss Cheese Plant, which upon closer inspection, you realise is plastic. Sigh. You finally get home and you push aside thoughts of the intractable politics and red tape you have to navigate tomorrow. As you finally settle in bed, you wonder how the next day is going to be any different. Rinse and repeat. 

        Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this for the next 40 years. 

        Skillseed is growing and we invite you to join us. 



        Work at your favourite roasters, by the beach, at Ya Kun, or anywhere you like. Every Thursday. In fact, our remote working Thursdays are mandatory. We like to think of it as some form of national service, in reducing train congestion. 

        Come in an hour earlier or later, according to your needs. Daily, because of our flexi-work schemes that everyone is entitled to.  We can’t guarantee seats on the train, however.   

        Penyet, Prata, Poh Piah. No matter your dietary needs, there’s always affordable and authentic hawker fare around us in the heart of colourful Jalan Besar. Spend your moolah on what really matters.

        Wear your fav denim shorts / FBTs / berms 80% of the time. With a top, of course. We only dress up when we have official meetings or are leading courses and journeys. 

        Go deep behind the scenes with our community partners all over the world. From Asia to Britain and China. Do work that matters. That bring smiles and widen perspectives. That humbles and inspires. That has the potential to change society and generations.

        In sum, we enjoy real life-work balance. Oh and did we mention the people?



        We have Readers, Repairers, Rescue Divers, Fermenters, Crafters, and Really charismatic people*. Extraverts and Introverts. We all come with different experiences and backgrounds, but what unites us is the desire to do deeply meaningful work that helps us grow together, not kill us.

        *Comes with quite a bit of drama too, like it or not.    


        1. You might be both a practitioner and trainer with domain expertise in any of the areas below

        2. You might be a teacher / trainer well versed in the art of knowledge sharing, but with limited familiarity of the frameworks and tools listed.

        3. You might not have had much experience delivering training, but you practice at least one of the tools we share below, in work and life.

        ●       Design Thinking for social impact

        ●       Asset-Based Community Development

        ●       The Social Business Model Canvas

        ●       Systems Thinking

        ●       Facilitation

        ●       Empathy tools (exploring privilege, identity, and emotional self-awareness)

        ●       Active Listening & Relational Communication

        After varsity (any major), you might have persisted in the corporate world, education, training or the social sector, for the last 3 to 5 years. In your spare time, you also volunteer and work alongside our local communities, on causes that you’re passionate about.

         Friends notice your ability to read and respond to nuanced group dynamics and adjust accordingly. Perhaps colleagues admire your drive, responsibility and meticulousness. Yet, despite your brilliance, you are willing to humbly and actively incorporate feedback. Most of all, everyone knows that they can count on you to have their backs; no task is too small or big. 

        If that describes you in any amount, we want to chat with you! Please read on. 



        At Skillseed, we believe that we are either part of the solution, or contributing to the problem. We choose the former. Solving multi-faceted, complex problems requires collaboration and serving as an effective platform for change. More importantly, it means working with youth (and the young at heart), to help solve problems today, so that they won’t have to face it tomorrow. We are seeking someone to help us realise this Mission by contributing to these areas:

        Training and Facilitation

        ●       Designing and training Skillseed’s clients from across sectors in the areas of social innovation and human-centred leadership and community engagement skills mentioned previously

        ●       Helping to build internal capacity in the same areas above

        ●       Assisting in the development of training proposals  and impact assessments

        Curriculum Development

        ●       Innovating and refining learning activities around social innovation and human-centred leadership  and robust portfolio of activities to draw from whenever necessary


        ●       Assist in the design and customisation of training curricula and slides related to Skillseed’s social innovation and human-centred leadership and community engagement skills

        Experiential Learning Courses

        ●       Co-facilitating and supporting our community projects in and beyond Singapore (if overseas, up to 9 days at a time, 2-3 times a year).

        ●       It’ll be an opportunity to practise incorporating what we teach into what we do, and weaving ground insights into what we teach; this is what makes Skillseed unique.

        Thought Leadership

        ●       With your creativity, strategic thinking and word-smithing skills,  you’ll help make Skillseed first to mind in experiential equipping for social and impact. This would happen through the co-creation of content for our newsletters, blogs and other channels

        Impact Assessment

        ●       Lead Skillseed’s ongoing Impact Assessment work for the Training Complement. This includes:

        ●       Reviewing and improving existing impact assessments, based on sound methodologies that are relevant to our work

        ●       Developing a system of SOPs and templates, consolidating and analysing Training Impact Statistics to share recommendations with the team on improvements for training, delivery, impact assessment etc.

        Build Relationships

        ●       With the rest of the team, you’ll cultivate new / maintain existing partnerships with schools and clients from across sectors

        ●       You’ll also get to immerse in and grow friendships in our social sector by representing Skillseed at conferences, seminars and fora.

        Maybe you recognise now that we are not just seeking a Senior Trainer & Project Manager, but someone who realises that this is a calling and an opportunity to make meaning, while serving our local and overseas communities through your gift of teaching and sharing (and a multitude of other qualities).



        Starts from S$ 3,300 along with other company benefits and the perks mentioned above. Of course, if you have more experience and technical competencies, we’d be more than happy to recognise that with a better remuneration package.  


        If you are still reading this, we applaud you for belonging to the focused 10%*. We want to meet you.

        Please reach out to faith@skillseed.sg with a cover letter, CV and any other relevant information. In your cover, please also include the following:

        1. Your Tendency using this: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4232520/gretchenrubinfourtendenciesquiz

        1. Your Myer-Briggs Type: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

         *We made that statistic up, of course. But we think it’s likely close to reality.

         We will be doing rolling interviews and the position will be filled once we find someone suitable to join our team! So please submit your applications ASAP!

        While we will do our best to respond to every single candidate, we seek your understanding if a personalized response if not always possible. Thank you for your understanding.


        We would love to hear from you as soon as you feel you are ready for this new season in your life. We will be reaching out to potential team mates and meeting them in-person as applications come in, so hesitate no further if this resonates with you! We may fill this position sooner than planned if we find a good fit both ways.

        In our next season, we will be working closer than ever with our home communities and partners. As such, we seek your understanding that we will only consider Singaporeans and established PRs (at least 5 years continuous residency) for this position, given the need for a deep understanding of Singapore’s context. 

        Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


        The first two images are credited to: https://unsplash.com/ 

        Others belong to Skillseed

        If you are interested to volunteer/ intern with us, please drop us a note at our Contact Us page!


        As a growing social enterprise, we view our volunteers as crucial team members. We have a myriad of roles for volunteers to take on, according to where your interests and skills lie - this could mean delving right into the heart of our work and helping to facilitate our courses and projects, or contributing behind-the-scenes with our marketing or administrative needs.

        We previously had a volunteer partnership program with Yale-NUS College, and had their bright, young students with us (take a look at what they worked on here). 

        We presently welcome volunteers from all walks of life, and would love to speak to you if you are keen. Please take 5 minutes to complete the form below, so that we can get to know you a little better. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


        There are currently no volunteer positions available. Stay updated on opportunities via our social media platforms.