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      27. TEAM
      28. The Skillseed Team
      29. Board of Advisors
      30. Volunteers and Interns
      31. Programs
      32. Training and Equipping
      33. Local Learning Journeys
      34. Local Walkshops
      35. Experiential Learning Programs
      36. How We Measure Impact
      37. MEDIA
      38. Press
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        moving into the modern economy, balancing bottom lines 


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        DEVELOPMENT FOR GOOD - Siem Reap, Cambodia

        Join us on the ground to learn about sustainable community development from different angles and examine how the forces behind public, private and people sectors interplay to affect sustainable social change. Work closely with a Cambodian non-profit to support their work in a local village as you explore the perspectives of different stakeholders, tensions between progress and sustainability, and the impact of development on a cross-section of players and communities.

        SUSTAINABILITY TRAILS - Central Region, Sri Lanka

        Beyond the buzzword what does sustainability mean? What forms does it take, and why does it matter? Journey across Sri Lanka's breathtaking central region and uncover how individuals, communities, and businesses combine forces to work towards sustainability in their respective fields. Through hands-on exploration of responsible businesses, fair-trade practices, environmental conservation, and understand the different dimensions of sustainability and entrepreneurial solutions emerging through cross-sectoral collaborations.