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      27. TEAM
      28. The Skillseed Team
      29. Board of Advisors
      30. Volunteers and Interns
      31. Programs
      32. Training and Equipping
      33. Local Learning Journeys
      34. Local Walkshops
      35. Experiential Learning Programs
      36. How We Measure Impact
      37. MEDIA
      38. Press
      39. Testimonials
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      44. silicon valley: a state of mind

        Not only is the tech capital of the world home to the world's giants, but it is also an explosion of entrepreneurial energy, community organizing, and thought leadership. Visit top universities like Stanford and Berkeley, meet pioneers of technology that are revolutionizing their industries, and go behind-the-scenes to discover what it actually takes to make an impact on the world. This expedition is designed to expand a participant's worldview and understand future trends, to not only inform their own purpose and career journeys, but also grow their ability as young leaders who make both profit and impact in the world.



        bottle the magic of the valley.

      45. Visits to the mothership campuses of technology giants Facebook and Google, and experience the magic in the air of the Valley!

      46. Get to know what life in the Valley is really like from the perspective of your local peers through fun student mixers and campus tours at Stanford and Berkeley University

      47. Get up close and personal with the inner workings of business and social impact in close-door sessions with entrepreneurs and social change-makers

      48. Discover the communities, social enterprises, and benefit corporations that are pioneering new models of change

      49. Find out what's in the water in the Valley: experience and deconstruct the conditions that have led to the Valley’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship

      50. Learn more about the gifts of the hand, heart, and head that you have to offer, and explore how you might use them to serve the world

      51. fees

        Fees will differ according to your needs - please contact us for more information. All programs run with an organised group, with a minimum of 10 participants.

        Fees typically include the following:

      52. All accommodation & meals (we make socially and environmentally responsible choices as far as possible!)

      53. Transport (includes ground transport and airport transfers, and excludes airfares - but flights between Singapore and San Francisco can be booked via Skillseed upon request)

      54. Entrance fees for attractions, workshops, and excursions

      55. All project materials

      56. Engaging experts & 24/7 experienced facilitators



        Best suited for people who:

      58. Are curious about entrepreneurship, scaling social impact, and linking passion and purpose!

      59. Are at least 15 years of age and in good health

      60. Have no strict vegan diet requirements or severe allergies or debilitating allergies, and don't require prescription medicine that requires constant refrigeration

      61. Are fluent in English (written & spoken)

      62. testimonials

        This trip holds a special place in my heart. It is unlike any other school trips that I have been on. The depth to which it goes to was a nice surprise. Not only did it touch on intellectual things like technology, business, pitching skills, it also helped us to find the spark within us, what we truly want in life, what we are passionate about and how exactly we want to make that impact. How it touched my heart and make me question myself and what I want, is what made this trip so unique to me.
        One of the best parts was being able to meet with people who personally work at the companies visited or studied in the schools visited and hence are highly knowledgeable about their fields and the organisation itself.

        Their first-hand experience allowed for a more enriching session with valuable insights gained. This resulted in the sessions having a greater impact on me as well, as the people we met had passion for what they were doing and hence exemplified the phrase ‘walk the talk’.
        It broadened my perspective of life, proved to me that intellect and achievements aren’t the only important thing, through the people that we met. The best part of this course is the people, the culture and the mindset we were exposed to. It feels very surreal and this trip has made a huge impact on me.