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      25. TEAM
      26. The Skillseed Team
      27. Board of Advisors
      28. Volunteers and Interns
      29. Training and Equipping
      30. Local Learning Journeys
      31. Experiential Learning Programs
      32. How We Measure Impact
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      34. Press
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        Our local walkshops aren’t just an exploration of Singapore’s sprawling urban ecosystem and community assets – they’re a holistic blend of theory and hands-on experience that offer a window into the world as we see it. We’ll take you on a journey of the streets of Singapore, where we’ll reveal the dynamic, vibrant gifts of our nation obscured by the mundanity of urbanity.

        Where others might see weeds, we see the resilience of ecology. Where they see void decks and empty fields, we see a wealth of assets.

        Our Course Architects have designed the following walkshop curricula in a manner which allows us to celebrate the talents of Team Skillseed, while showcasing the values and principles that underpin our work in the social sector.

        wild x wayward


        Lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours, forms and textures as we search for wild botanical treasures in the urbanscape of Singapore’s coffee belt at Jalan Besar. Relive the innocence and simplicity of childhood by embarking on a guided trail led by local naturalist and Skillseed Director Wilson Chan, who will teach you how to identify and collect common ‘wayside plants’.

        In doing so, we hope to open your eyes to different side of Singapore – a true ‘garden city’ growing and thriving amidst the cracks and gaps of a concrete labyrinth.


        With our hand-gathered botanics, we will blend science, art and dashes of whimsy to craft a framed herbarium that will immortalise your experience, enliven your space and enchant visitors.  

      41. Learn how to preserve wildflowers in their natural 3-dimensional form and their colours (not your usual flower pressing!)

      42. Develop the detailed knowledge and skills to craft your framed herbarium art

      43. Enjoy the company of other like-minded people who appreciate natural-art in a cosy social enterprise space 

      44. wxw_9.jpg
      45. Duration: 3 hours

      46. Venue: Skillseed Office, 1B Tyrwhitt Road

      47. Fee: 60 SGD / person

      48. All necessary materials, including light local refreshments (i.e. finger food and drinks) will be provided. 

        Participants will bring home their framed herbarium art (13cm x 18cm) showcasing about 5 botanic specimens that they have handpicked and preserved.

        wxw_17 cropped.jpg


        Wilson is a biologist by training and an artist at heart. His childhood memories are filled with collections of insects, sea life and plants; the boy still lives in him today. He spent 10 years in NParks first traipsing around Singapore, cataloging our local wildlife, then leading research to improve our urban greenery. He now teaches social impact tools at Skillseed, amongst many other things. He’s on a mission to share the language of nature with others.  

        Wild x Wayward is a sincere attempt to share Singapore’s  overlooked natural heritage with locals and visitors alike. It was inspired by the idea that sometimes the best things in life are right before us, if only we knew how and where to look.

        abcd walkshops


        Our years in the social service sector have taught us that no community is without gifts; we just have to learn how to recognize them. Learn how to identify the inherent assets of a community with our walkshops, which aim to impart the basics of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) - an applied methodology for development, sustained and anchored by a community’s diverse assets.

        Join us as we explore the communities nestled within Kampung Admiralty and Enabling Village, in a quest to discover what it means to truly promote dignity and inclusivity. Alternatively, we’ll shine a spotlight on the overlooked aspects of your school community through the lens of ABCD, enabling you to see the same community in a whole new light.

        This walkshop is ideal for school groups from secondary and tertiary institutions, or participants aged 15 years old and above. Enquire now if you are keen to transform your organisation’s approach towards Values in Action (VIA) and community service projects, and are interested in engendering sustainable, dignified change together with your target community.

        I can share my assets with other people and empower them […] and also learn from them to create collective power.
        — Student from BEAM Foundation, Chiang Mai and participant of ABCD training during Education For Good course
        The ABCD workshop helped me be more aware of my passions and interests.
        — Student from Hwa Chong Institution, participant in Education For Good course

        ABCD encourages participants to identify and leverage a stakeholder’s (individual’s) and/or a community’s assets when designing any kind of community solution. Join our experienced Skillseed facilitators as we explore how ABCD can be leveraged to understand and tackle prevalent social issues in the community.

      49. Develop the skills to identify assets, using the Head, Heart, Hands model

      50. Learn to view recipients of aid as co-creators of change rather than beneficiaries

      51. Practice the tools and concepts, such as asset-mapping, in a real-life setting

      52. Experience a holistic curriculum that comprises both theoretical and practical knowledge

      53. edited-4263.jpg


        After the workshop, visit Kampong Admiralty or Enabling Village to understand and map the different capitals that promote community cohesion, dignity and what it means to age-in-place (KA) or be inclusive (EV).

      54. Duration: 4 hours (including travel time)

      55. Venue: Participants’ premises and

      56. Kampung Admiralty, 676 Woodlands Drive 71 or

      57. Enabling Village, 20 Lengkok Bahru

      58. Fee: starting from $1,280 for up to 20 pax, with 2 Skillseed facilitators

      59. edited-0201.jpg


        After the workshop, explore your own school community and apply what you have learned to rediscover its capitals and map the gifts of individuals that you may not regularly interact with! Understand more about the significance of spaces to different groups of users in your school and how one might leverage such insights in school projects and extrapolate that to the planning of VIA projects beyond the school. The workshop will be supplemented by Skillseed's case studies from working with our community partners.

      60. Duration: 3.5 hours

      61. Venue: Participants’ premises

      62. Fee: starting from $1,450 for up to 30 pax, with 2 Skillseed facilitators

      63. Please reach out to us if you would like a customised ABCD walkshop for your organisation.


        1. Our fees are per class, not per participant. For groups smaller than 10 people (e.g. educator retreats), please contact us to explore options.

        2. These fees do not include venue rental, meals for participants or bus/coach hires, if necessary.

        3. The 'workshop' part is assumed to be conducted on the school/organization's premises. If external rental is necessary, we will include venue rental at additional costs.

        4. More terms and conditions in terms of refunds and cancellations can be found here: http://www.hbcgsb.com/cancellation-policy-localcourses